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Scallops w/ Cilantro Sauce & Asian Slaw | Vegetarian Recipes | Ooooby asian slaw recipe scallops

I doubled the slaw dressing but only ended up using 3/4 of it. The store didn't have scallops so I did Halibut instead and it was excellent. Great recipe!!.

Look for pretoasted sesame seeds in Asian markets. Serve this with quick- cooking rice tossed with edamame.

Try this Asian Coleslaw Recipe with Orange Ginger Scallops that is bursting with flavor!.

This recipe absolutely fits the bill! A simple, Asian-style cabbage slaw, dressed with a light sesame soy vinaigrette, gets an elegant upgrade with silky, seared.

Recipe below. scallops-asian-slaw. Yeah, life is unfair, but sometimes that works in your favor. Take scallops, for instance. How can something.