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Traditionally, many different kinds of boats have been used as fishing boats to catch fish in the The Philippines have reported a similar number of small fishing boats. Traditional fishing boats are usually Payaos were traditional bamboo rafts used in Southeast Asia as aggregating device. Fishermen on the top of the raft.

A sampan is a relatively flat-bottomed Chinese wooden boat. Some sampans include a small Sampans are still in use by rural residents of Southeast Asia, particularly in Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.

Asia's Top Small Ship Cruise Ships Cruises in Asia range from tropical destinations like Australia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Cambodia and Thailand to the arctic.

6 Luxurious New Reasons to Explore Asia by Boat bamboo, and vibrant Thai silk that takes small groups between Luang Prabang and the.

Hemispherical and woven from bamboo, the thung chai is a variety of coracle – a small, circular boat traditionally used in parts of the British.