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The Asian Street Walkers (ASW), also known as the Dub Gang, a Crip gang composed mostly of, but not exclusively, Cambodian Americans, claimed the East Side Astor and Bedlow Drives areas in North Stockton, California. This gang is associated with the number “23,” a reference to.

25, 2012 death of 20-year-old Jordan Chhit, of Vallejo, who allegedly was also in the Asian Street Walkers gang, because they premeditated.

The definition of ASW stands for Asian Street Walkers, It's Basically a Street Gang . It was first founded in Stockton, CA during the 1980's.

Rin Ros died because his gang apparently wanted to “jump him out,” told police he had once been an Asian Street Walker gang member.

Rockridge, CA - The killing involved members of Oak Town Crips and the Asian Street Walkers gangs.