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"A savory sauce to use as a dip with shrimp or spring rolls, in stir-fries and noodle dishes, even on whole wheat pizza crust instead of typical pizza sauce with feta, sun-dried tomatoes, chicken, and vegetables." Stir in sugar, ginger, garlic, chile pepper, and ketchup; simmer.

And one of my absolute favorite dipping sauces is Thai Sweet Chili Sauce! I used to ALWAYS have a bottle of this sauce in my fridge, and use it.

Thai sweet chili sauce is known as nam chim kai in Thailand. It is sold in bottles and available in Asian food markets, but instead of buying.

This red sweet and sour chili sauce glistening in bottles is one part of Thai cuisine that has permeated just about every grocery store in North America! Well you'll.

This incredibly quick and Easy Sweet Chili Sauce only requires four ingredients and can be mixed up in minutes. Pour it over meat, tofu.