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What to say if you are told you have a small penis | I should have said comebacks for asian penis joke

Im sure all the Asian guys and girls here have heard the asian penis Well, there's so many comebacks you can come up with, but to what end.

I'm not that bad at comebacks but when it comes to being accused or joked of this is my friend's go-to "joke" so just wanted to try to give a more witty answer.

Recently, in his very disastrous attempt of a comeback, among lashing out at Asian men having small dicks is an “okay” joke and I've seen.

If you do have a small penis, it can be devastating to have someone make an insensitive comment. If you want to say Great comebacks if someone says you have a small dick That's funny because your mom thinks it's huge. Results Vote .

Louis CK mocked Asian men and perpetuated racial and sexual stereotypes in ' jokes' from a leaked stand-up set. Earlier this week, audio.