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The multicolored Asian lady beetle, Harmonia axyridis, was introduced into the entered the house, the IPM program has designed a simple light trap made of.

Harris Asian Lady Beetle & Box Elder Killer, Gallon Spray . Instead, use a so- called light traps to collect and remove ladybugs from the house. . humans; repels instead of killing beneficial insects; can be easily homemade.

Flies and ladybugs can be captured just as effectively with homemade traps as few supplies from your hardware store to make your own black light bug trap at.

A simple light trap can be made from a funnel, a round gallon can and a light. You can buy a large funnel or make one by cutting the bottom out of a gallon milk .

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Insect trap used to catch ladybugs and stink bugs. ASIAN LADYBUG/STINK BUG LIGHT TRAP COMPLETE (includes jar bottom.