Two out of every 100 people in Merced County are gang members. - merced county asian gangs


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There is no universal way to de Merced County, California. Some Asian gangs, particularly Laotian and Cambodian gangs, use the block style of graffiti.

Tell us what you think in our comments section below. Documented gangs in Merced County 2008. MERCED. Blood Asian Crip Oriental Troop.

"Menace of Destruction" (MOD), formerly known as "Masters of Destruction," was created in MOD is the oldest active Asian street gang in Northern California and the of Destruction gang was the most active gang in Merced, California during April guilty in October 2013 to a felony drug possession in Ramsey County.

Documented gangs in Merced County MERCED Blood Asian Crip Oriental Troop True Blue Rebels Before Locs (Norteno) Dead End Locs. The gang activity is multiethnic but culturally Anglo or Asian - Latin gang members are English.