Brooklyn Man Electrocuted After Urinating on Subway’s ‘Third Rail’ | - mythbusters peeing on a power line


Can You Get Electrocuted by Peeing | Electrocuted by Urine | Live Science mythbusters peeing on a power line

In certain cases, it's possible to get an electric shock from urinating. killed by urinating on the electrified third rail of a subway train line, but is that " MythBusters" also found that peeing on an electric fence can be a shocking.

n0tWorthy writes "The Mythbusters tested the myth that you could be electrocuted by after urinating into a ditch that had a downed power line.

Urine is around 95% water, but it carries salt and urea which carry the charge. Mix this with 6000 volts of electricity and there could be a big shock in store. So, you whizzed on the electric fence, didn't ya?.

Last night a man reportedly was killed while peeing on the third rail of the G train The idea behind the myth makes scientific sense: an electrical of death, rather than electrocution for touching a 600-plus-volt line. While it is possible, a 2009 Mythbusters found it would be incredibly unlikely in practice.

Yes. It actually did happen, and it was fatal. A few years ago, a young teen climbed a 500kV (500000V) transmission tower in Southern California in order to .