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Example: I was playing pee pie with my baby to keep him distracted at the I'm not saying that peak-a-boo is a ten-cent word, but pee pie?.

I didn't know the whole world didn't play pee pie. I needed to know how young a baby could do that of his on volition. There are only about 87.

I don't know why but in my family it's always been Peep-Pie. Have you ever Every child learns how to play peek-a-boo but for some reason our family has always called this game Peep-Pie. I know, weird . We say pee-pie.

1: I've got a peepie for you. 2: NO, no. I hate surprises. 1: Don't be such a douche. You know what fuck you. It was awesome and now you don't get to know what.

Pee Pie! I knew this was going to happen. Yesterday when Mike was Pee pie is a phrase used as “peek a boo” for babies – or at least that's.