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In recent years, crop models have increasingly been used to simulate agricultural However, in the presence of the Asian soybean rust, yield is heavily affected.

A full-plate model (500–420 Ma) for Asia is presented and released. Blue circles denote areas discussed in the text: AK, Aktyuz area; AL, Alatage area; R. Han, Z.C. Li, C.J. WuDetrital zircon geochronology of Devonian quartzite from .

4th Asian Computing Science Conference, Manila, The Philippines, December alt(T) I 0 if T G C(2;i), — alt(f(T1,,Tii)) I max{alt(Tj) | 1 § j § n} if f, T3-(6) G 2;, ones (as we cannot infinitively decrease the height of (finite) terms. i def ak+i Then.