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'Thank you' in Spanish the way a tourist might say it. Also referring to the behind of someone who sat in a field for too long.

2007, Louis Gerard Mendoza, Toni Marie Nelson Herrera, Telling tongues: a [email protected] anthology on language experience, link. Grassy ass Maggie. 2011, Jane H.

grassy-ass definition: Interjection 1. Eye dialect spelling of gracias.Related terms 2. mooch ass grassy assOrigin Spanish gracias (“thank you”).

mooch-ass-grassy-ass definition: Origin Spanish muchas gracias (“thank you very much”) Interjection 1. (informal, humorous) thank youUsage notes 2. This is a.

AJEats "Grassy arse" doesn't really work, does it? haha|@AJEats I think "grassy ass" is more of an American expression.|.