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EKG Strips. We provide several ways to practice EKG strip interpretation: Practice Drills; ECG Quiz; ECG Guide; ECG Basic Training Lessons. Each of these.

An EKG, also called an ECG or electrocardiogram, is a recording of the heart's electrical activity. EKGs captures a tracing of cardiac electrical impulse as it moves from the atrium to the ventricles. The EKG practice drills provide a fast and interactive method for learning EKGs.

Online ECG Quiz. Practice with over 200 electrocardiogram strips as well as factual guidelines for rapid and efficient 12-lead ECG.

Learn EKG interpretation. Hundreds of EKG practice strips plus tutorials and quizzes. Free. Intended for all medical professionals.

Improve your ECG knowledge with our FREE ecg quiz. Select your difficulty level [beginner, intermediate, advanced, or random] and get started.