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Striped bass contaminants unknown to Mass. residents striped bass health advisory

SACRAMENTO – The Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) today released a health advisory and safe eating guidelines Striped Bass, White Sturgeon, and other fish advisories. These species – American shad, Chinook (King) salmon, steelhead trout, striped bass, and.

Good Catch California is the OEHHA fish advisory program. We provide advice so that you can make healthy choices about eating the fish you catch. . American Shad · Chinook (King) Salmon · Steelhead Trout · Striped Bass · White Sturgeon.

Why does Maine have this advisory? Data from 2001 to 2008 from Maine's striped bass and bluefish have shown PCB levels between 200 and. 600 ppb.

Rhode Island has the most stringent advisory, urging striped bass not “Folks cannot make informed health choices if they are not being told of.

Fishing is fun and fish are an important part of a healthy diet. Van Winkle Bridge at Catskill, no one is advised to eat striped bass. However, south of Catskill.