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What Men Think of Breast Implants - Can Men Tell and Do They Care? breast implant what men think

How Men Really Feel About Breast Implants. By Tom I've always thought a woman's breasts were a tremendous pleasure, both publicly and privately. A real .

The first whisper reads, "I suggested my girlfriend get implants and she threw a grapefruit at my What do men honestly think about breast implants in women?.

To me as a man, the best thing about a woman with breast implants is how much . As to why other men think and feel the way they do - I can't begin to guess.

Say, you're dating a woman only to find out that she had a boob job the first time you make love to her. Does that turn you off? Do guys think.

How Men REALLY Feel About Breast Implants to get breast enhancements because they thought it would make them feel sexier—and it did.