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British women are 'chubby chasers': Fat men 'are best in bed' - Mirror Online female chubby chaser

UK women revealed what type of man gets them swooning in the bedroom.

"People think that fat bodies aren't desirable because they're temporary," says Corissa Enneking, a blogger from Fat Girl Flow and fat activist.

The normal teenage female population likes only one type of man; those pretty boy, Ryan Gosling and Justin Timberlake types. I am different.

I am a man who is exclusively attracted to BBW yet, I find the term "chubby chaser" offensive. To me, BBW are living art, and any woman is my equal, not.

Tom is a chubby chaser, he only really wants heavy women. Andy, also a chubby chaser, is only into overweight guys. His sister shares these desires, so they.