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Psychological response to breast cancer: effect on outcome. Greer S, Morris T, Pettingale KW. A prospective, multidisciplinary, 5-year study of 69 consecutive.

Psychological response to cancer and survival. Greer S(1). examined in the light of the author's 15-year follow-up study of women with early breast cancer and.

As part of an interdisciplinary study of breast cancer, psychological investigation of a consecutive series 160 women admitted to hospital for breast tumour.

A detailed description of the study's design has been published previously (17). A total of 1,222 women diagnosed with primary breast cancer between January 1, 1985, and Greer S. Psychological response to cancer and survival.

4 days ago (Error Code: 102630). Andrea Greer of Columbia is participating in a breast cancer clinical trial at Ellis Fischel Cancer Center. (MU Health Care).