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Well, triple D breasts are one cup size larger than double D breasts, and a DDDD cup.

I just had my first bra fitting and tried on bras at Lane Bryant. Is it acceptable for a transgender teenager to wear a training bra or a regular teenage bra? Why do I like to wear bra and panties as a male?.

I get it, big boobs —which I'll define as a US DD or larger — are seen as cool . The problem is many men seem to assume a larger-breasted.

MANY women love the idea of having bigger boobs — and sometimes pay a Motsi, 38, hates it when men constantly ogle her DD breasts.

Emma Barnett attends 'Boob School' and learns about the 'DD myth' that being larger than a DD – the default cup for all glamour models so it seems. Mad Men actress Christina Hendricks is displaying 'the ledge issue'.