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Behave or bend over for the slipper: UK Grammar School life in the 1960s slippered bottoms

Though neither of the boys cried, they both rubbed their bottoms ruefully as they He had already slippered two boys in our class for talking and both had cried.

Unfortunately my bottom was very well aquainted with the slippers of several of my form teachers. They sure knew how to sting a girl's bottom! Slipper or strap from teacher or cane from headmistress or deputy.

I was only slippered once at school and it was the dreaded PE but the slipper was always whacked hard across the bottom and being bare.

My parents were firm believers in corporal punishment, Idont remember them ever giving me a smack bottom, I can only recall being slippered.

A slippering is a term for the act of smacking the buttocks, or the hands, with a slipper as a form of corporal punishment. A slippering on the buttocks is a form of .