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Take your time and enjoy all of the different sensations you feel from playing with your nipples and breasts. Experiment with techniques to.

While clitoral and vaginal orgasms might get all the attention, nipple orgasms are another legit way to explore your pleasure in bed. Here, three anonymous women open up about what it’s like to experience nipple-only orgasms. How did you first discover you could orgasm through.

One of the perks of writing about sex is that when you disclose this information at cocktail parties, people tend to confess scandalous tidbits.

Having an orgasm doesn't just involve your downstairs parts. That's kind of what's so great about orgasms, they're a whole body pleasure.

This lover of mine, like others before him, was fully aware of what breast and nipple foreplay provoked in me: the moans; and, if lucky, the dirty.