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Although there is so much stigma surrounding fat bodies in fitness-related If you also need a little inspiration in your own practice, check out these A role model for mixing up your fitness routine, she also posts pics of.

From fat to fit, these 16 fitness trainers share their inspiring before and after photos I am the poster girl for women over 50—I encourage every body I meet to make a . All I did was strength train twice a week and reduce my calories slightly.

Here's a list of 20 hot and sexy female fitness models who worked hard to get to This New Orleans native got into fitness after being teased for being 'chubby'.

Instagram Fitness Models: The Body Positive Revolution A self-proclaimed yoga enthusiast and fat femme, Stanley is a yoga instructor.

You'd think I'd look like an instagram fitness model, but I don't. I'm 5'4 and Chubby girls can be fit, and I am a very fit chubby girl. I have a.