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The most fucked up thing known to man (often said by older people) Something that is so screwed up it is not Yah they were all fucked up like hogan's goat!.

While the meaning is fairly straightforward, the origin might come as a surprise. Apparently, farmer Hogan had bred a goat so smelly and ugly that s goat, which they use to refer to something that has been screwed up.

So my dad says this all the time, or some variation on it, ("As fucked up as " or " Higher than " maybe) and I wanna know why. Hogan's Goat was a play from.

'Screwed up', in the meaning of spoilt, ruined or confused, seems to have emerged during the 1940s as a euphemism for the synonymous.

His favorite expression was, "This is as screwed up as Hogans Goat." I use the expression to this day and always wondered where it came from.