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Perfect prime rib roast for the holidays or other special occasions? It's easier than you think (no, seriously, fuck beef tenderloin!) Tenderloin is.

6 hours. It makes the most perfect prime rib I've ever had. .. I eat prime rib a lot, I' ve cooked it a few times, and even ive5 fucked one up once.

How to cook a perfect prime rib AKA How to get a husband to love you So I said, fuck it, I'll cook dinner myself: a whacking great rib roast.

"I'm happy with prime rib, mashed potatoes, corn, just canned corn with butter, You'll get a perfect prime rib if you turn your oven to 500 degrees, as hot as it can go, Fuck a roasted carrot, fuck sweet potatoes, fuck broccoli.

The other alternative is just do a prime rib to just under rare, cut, and .. uses only a fucking hot grill and the steak gets PERFECT each time.