Sex Offender Registries Found to Discriminate Against those with Mental Illness - bipolar sexual offender defense


Bipolar disorder and violent crime - NHS bipolar sexual offender defense

Whether or not sexual offending behavior—or the predisposition to such—is a mental illness, there are patients with traditional mental illnesses.

(Reuters Health) - Men convicted of rape or other sexual offenses have and were three times more likely to have a history of bipolar disorder.

A large percentage of the sex offenders received a primary diagnosis of schizophrenia The plea of not guilty by reason of insanity (NGRI) received substantial .. three of whom were given a diagnosis of bipolar disorder), the presence of a.

The United States Supreme Court narrowly approved sexual predator laws in a . Thus, all but five states provide some form of an insanity defense for those.

Keywords: Assessment, mental health, rape, sex offenders . and rape, that is, the rape was the direct outcome of someone's psychosis, bipolar disorder, . Rapists are well-known to be very defensive about their actions and engage in denial.