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This article was first printed in PETRIe 66 (2014). DISCOVERING EROTICA. Throughout my life, I've explored pretty much every genre and type of writing.

Leonard Nimoy as Spock (L) and William Shatner as Captain Kirk on the TV series "Star Trek." Fan fiction of romance between Kirk and Spock.

I was pretty surprised to find out that straight women are the core fanbase for gay erotica, and even the authors are mainly straight women.

Read the free Lesbian erotica short story New Girl by Harper Bliss. Explore Harper's other works including lesbian erotica, lesbian fiction, and more clearly having lost use of her mental faculties again. “You're not even gay.” “Says who?.

Nifty is one of many erotic literature sites but it's especially unique because it is focused on the LGBT community with Nifty gay stories as well as.