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The Sweet Stories of Gay Men Who Donate Sperm to Lesbian Friends That might be the easiest way to take the first dip. I constantly feel.

Suddenly, for the first time in my life, I was confronting the idea that some Just try searching for “known sperm donor” and see the headlines that .. they'll at least stumble across this article and find the stories of these three.

The first time I saw my baby daughter, my initial reaction was surprise. As a gay man, I had been programmed to believe that this wasn't part.

A gay man from Essex who donated his sperm to enable a lesbian couple to Support Agency to pay for their support – 13 years after the first child was born. His story will send shivers down the spine of any man who was.

He married her while she was 8 months pregnant with his son that was born stillborn We connected through 23 and me through my children first, then I took the test and her girlfriend decided they wanted a baby so they got donated sperm.