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Dec 5, 2016 Being an openly gay athlete in a sport like MMA takes a lot of courage to say the least. Though the vast majority of the MMA community is.

May 10, 2018 The subject is a big talking point on this week's BBC MMA Show podcast with Dan So why are there no out gay male fighters in the UFC?.

Dec 31, 2018 This weekend, Amanda “Lioness” Nunes — an openly lesbian mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter from Salvador, Bahia, Brazil — made sports.

Mar 2, 2017 UFC fighter breaks barriers, poses for gay magazine The UFC has become a somewhat unlikely source of pro-gay and lesbian example and.

UFC's Joe Rogan to Transgender MMA Fighter Fallon Fox: 'You're a F***ing Man' UFC bantamweight fighter Liz Carmouche, the promotion's first openly gay.