Cap USB Thumb Drive Soft Stylus Pen Delicate Hand Writing Metal Material - metal thumb stylus


Poor Man's Capacitive Stylus (iPhone/Android/etc...): 4 Steps metal thumb stylus Thanko Thumb Extension Stylus FNGEXT64: Cell Phones & Accessories. The metal rod would appear to extend the reach of your thumb.

64G Key Shape USB Flash Drive, K&ZZ Metal Thumb Drive USB2.0 Flash Disk USB Flash Drive, Metal Key Shaped Memory Stick Thumb Drives Pen.

x Touch Metal Stylus Ballpoint Pen-Black. Related Products. Product Thumb nail Image. Multi Function Sorrento Metal Ballpoint Pen - Product Code.

i Touch Stylus Metal Ballpen. Stylus Metal Ballpen. Metal pen with black ink. Product Code: XPEN559 Product Thumb nail Image. 500ml Grippy Water Bottle.

*one small metal paper clip (cannot be plastic coated) that normally activates your capacitive touch screen will also travel through a paper clip and thumbtack.