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(The fact that he'd written "Travie McCoy" in blue-bubble lettering was an .. The incident also led to his publicly coming out as a gay man.

Travis McCoy, frontman of Gym Class Heroes, has paid the ultimate tribute Calif., McCoy had portraits of Hall & Oates tattooed on the tops of his hands. . Says He Was Kicked Off the Team for Being Gay: 'This Is a Pattern'.

Travis McCoy, the man behind the hit single “Billionaire” and frontman of Police arrested McCoy after they saw him tagging on one of the few yea i dnt care 4 dudes music shit is mad gay!..but i giveem props for bombn on.

Frontman, lyricist, and rapper/vocalist of the rock/hip-hop group Gym Class Heroes. Gym Class Heroes is signed to Pete Wentz's (bassist for Fall Out Boy) record.

Famous people who are simply rumored to be gay, lesbian or bisexual, are not listed. .. Scott McCoy, b. "Gay Film Auteur Travis Mathews Talks Interior.