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So, here are tactics to avoid being printed if you so choose: Identify banks with thumbprint policies and do not accept checks written on.

Visa and Mastercard have chips embedded in hundreds of millions of credit and debit cards around the world. Early trials of cards with fingerprint scanners built-in are underway and success could eventually result in the death of the humble PIN. "In some countries where they like.

Fingerprint Login is a faster, more convenient way to log into the PeoplesBank Mobile App. When you enable Fingerprint Login, any fingerprint stores on your device - now or in the future - can be used to log into the PeoplesBank Mobile App. Only enable Fingerprint Login if you are.

Banks and fingerprints. It's an intimidation tactic to force them into higher-priced currency exchanges," said Ed Mierzwinski, consumer.

Biometrics are moving way beyond fingerprints: To fight fraud, companies To fight fraud, a growing number of banks and merchants are tracking that,” said Frances Zelazny, BioCatch's chief strategy and marketing officer.