What does semen taste like? Health facts about sperm - does a girls cum taste good


The Science Of Your Vagina How To Change What It Tastes Like Down There does a girls cum taste good

14 people open up about what vagina tastes like. You know how sex sweat smells good compared to gym sweat? It's like that.” — Peter, 27.

“Cum” tastes pretty good except there is too much of it and it is not expected. You will probably never experience this in your life because so few women do it.

Oysters on the Half Shell (the sweeter ones, usually but sometimes the I'm getting hungry, I could really go for some juicy vagina right now.”.

A healthy vagina tastes and smells like a healthy vagina. That is to The vagina does a good job of maintaining bacterial status quo. But when.

What exactly does a “normal” vagina taste like, anyway? Alcohol can have an effect on the way your vagina tastes and not in a good way.