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History: Why the name “El Segundo”? The answer is rather simple; the El Segundo Bottom was first installed at Chevron's El Segundo Refinery.

You’ve just received your API 653 inspection report and are faced with the hard reality that your aboveground steel tank (AST) has a leaking bottom. These are all important questions you might be faced with as you navigate how to repair the bottom of your tank. However, newer tanks.

Single-Wall and Single-Bottom Tanks Have. Historical Acceptance as the Lower tank bottom. – HDPE liner. – Sand or El Segundo Bottoms. Cone-Down .

I think Chevron had issues with the El Segundo bottom when the floor plates were drug through mud clay and placed over the concrete and.

A tank bottom that rests on a concrete pad is commonly referred to as "El Segundo." They began to be used in the 1990s on double-bottom.