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Texas clings to unconstitutional, homophobic laws – and it's not alone | World news | The Guardian how many homosexuals are in texas

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people in Texas face legal and social .. As of May 2019, a bill is pending in the Texas Legislature which would allow state-licensed professionals to refuse to serve members of the LGBT.

LGBT people in Texas are racially and ethnically diverse—. 38% are Many transgender people in Texas face barriers to civic engagement. Texas has a strict .

LGBT Proportion of Population: Texas × Socioeconomic Indicators: Texas × . Both surveys are interviewer-administered by telephone, may be completed in.

This map shows the estimated raw number of LGBT adults living in each state. We applied the estimated percentage of each state's adult population that.

Many state legislatures across the country have implemented legislation to extend protections for LGBT people in the last several years, with.