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Are Attractive Women Really More Likely to be Straight? pretty an ugly lesbian

I'm not talking about the lipstick lesbians that do porn - those types are Most of the men were good looking in kind of a John Edwards pretty.

No wonder there are so many bitter girls on L chat, (jking) but yeah, being unattractive and lesbian is damn hard. I would have given anything for a pretty face:.

Ive never met a "lesbian" whos been decently attractive. While in not sexually attractive to females, i can form opinions of which ones are just ugly. Most ive met .

I just imagine they have low self esteem. Ugly fat dykes with hot gfs are usually huge assholes. They're bullies and they're preying on girls with.

But I am too ugly for any man to accept, I will never be good enough. . Would be just nice to know if you've got certain things that you do find.