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It's also a slow-burning salute to women who love other women everywhere. “ Dark eyes, pink lips / Now my heart is racing,” the lesbian pop.

Get a Little Bit Closer With These 21 LGBT Songs About Love. Yet, in the hetero-heavy world of romantic music, great gay love songs and fantastic lesbian love songs can be hard to find. So, we've created a playlist of LGBT songs about love that can help change all that.

This one is so obvious that I put it first just to get it over with. But yeah it's a perfect song and If you're a lesbian who disagrees then we have a.

10 Awesome Songs About Women Crushing on Women. By Cassie Sheets. lesbian crush songs. Share on Twitter. Share on Facebook.

Slow lesbian love songs. Juliefilms; 8 HER LOVER - Ally & Stevie - Lesbian Music Video LESBIAN DUET - Stevie Boebi and Ally Hills.