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Kylie Marker is a student at Neptune High and a member of the cheerleading squad. A lesbian, Kylie wanted to be out with her girlfriend, Marlena Nichols. When Do Veronica and Logan get Married?.

Marlena Nichols is a former student at Neptune High. She is a lesbian and was part of the secret Neptune High gay chatroom, The Pirate Ship. Her girlfriend, Kylie Marker blackmailed other gay students to out Marlena so they can be a couple in public.

Kristin Cavallari once appeared on Vernoica Mars as a sneaky lesbian cheerleader.

Kristen Bell and Kristin Cavallari in Veronica Mars Sorry to blow your mind, Veronica, but she's a lesbian. UPN.

Literally Every Actor Guest Starred On "Veronica Mars" And Here's The .. Her role on Veronica Mars: She played Kylie, a lesbian cheerleader.