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Brochure: “So, you're interested in amateur radio. Studying for the Harmonised Amateur Radio Examination Certificate Irish 8m and 5m Band Plans.

V3.0 (13 October 2018). Irish 40–44 MHz (8 metre) Band Plan for Amateur Service. Frequency Maximum. Bandwidth. Mode. Usage. 40.000. 40.100. 1000 Hz.

The 8-meter band (40 MHz) is the lowest portion of the very high frequency (VHF) radio The 8-meter band was made available 1925-1928 to amateur experimenters in the UKand Free Irish State, also a much wider 8-10 meter Ireland (EI) allocated much of the low VHF spectrum to Irish radio amateurs including 40 MHz.

The 40 MHz or 8 metre band has the potential to be a future allocation for the Irish amateurs gain access to the 30 MHz to 49 MHz part of the VHF spectrum.

Ireland has a number of amateur and adult orchestras across the country. in bands, please contact the Irish Association of Brass and Concert Bands (IABCB).