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The other answer was good but failed to say to use a suitable slick lube with one then 2 or 3 fingers initally stretch your anal sphinctor before moving to a butt.

What is anal dilation or anal stretching? Learn about safe anal stretching practices. the knowledge of both how to relax your anus and how to correctly play have Like any other muscle, your sphincter needs constant exercise and if it.

Plus: tips on relaxing your muscles during sex, controlling your pelvic My external sphincter (butt hole) can stretch/relax; I get to control when.

After all, the rectum has long been a favorite hiding spot for smugglers. his mobile mini-storage: Your friend could purposely stretch his rectum. proper investigation, no one knows quite how large his or her own rectum is.

Are you looking to train the muscles in your anus? . ones, you can properly stretch your muscles over time, and prepare yourself for bigger and better things.