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The Veiled Virgin: Another miracle of transparent marble sculpture the veiled virgin

Here, we discuss the history of 'The Veiled Virgin,' a 19th-century work by Italian sculptor Giovanni Strazza. The Veiled Virgin sculpture is.

The Veiled Virgin is a Carrara marble statue carved in Rome by Italian sculptor Giovanni Strazza (1818–1875), depicting the bust of a veiled Virgin Mary.

Giovanni Strazza's Veiled Virgin is located in the Presentation Convent, Cathedral Square, St. John's, NL. This statue was executed in flawless Carrera marble by the renowned Italian sculptor Giovanni Strazza (1818-1875) in Rome. Strazza's Veiled Virgin is of a piece with this.

The Veiled Virgin is the name of a piece of marble sculpture created by Giovanni Strazza, an Italian sculptor. As its name indicates, this.

Maybe not as famous as Sammartino's 1753 Veiled Christ, Giovanni Strazza's Veiled Virgin is another exceptional sculpture, featuring a human.