Is Spanking an Effective Way to Discipline Kids? - spanked for good reason


Eight Reasons to Spank Your Kid spanked for good reason

Editor's Note: Another writer of ours recently wrote about how spanking is not necessarily the right way to discipline a child. LaShaun Williams.

A panel of experts analyze and critique the reasons for corporal "Spanking doesn't teach kids to behave the way parents want them to and.

Whether or not you agree with the findings, I'd like to present you with 9 reasons spanking is never a good idea. 1. Spanking shows that “stronger” is right.

Spanking For Safety is a Risky Business I'd like to urge all parents to further ensure the safety of their children by teaching them to recognize danger on their .

In our household, spanking was a punishment that was dispensed The experts came to a rather startling conclusion: Spanking causes similar.