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SWR Super Redhead Bass Combo Amplifier | Reverb swr super redhead combo

It delivers 350W of power, features a tuner send, side chain effects loops with blend control, headphone jack, 3-band EQ with variable mid, switchable turbo bass and transparency control, balanced and unbalanced record outs, and a speaker on/off switch. It features a built-in open.

well after trying out the mark bass next to the swr super redhead, i have came to the conclusion that the super redhead just has that pure sound.

INTRODUCTION. Congratulations on your purchase of an SWR Super Redhead professional bass amp combo. By choosing an SWR bass amplification system.

I was under the impression that the Super Redhead was designed . Was the SWR Red Face basically the amp from the Red Head combo on.

Up for your consideration is a SWR Super Redhead Bass Combo Amplifier. It is used and is fully functional.Product Description:This is a fantastic gig or studio.