Tantric Ejaculation Control: Learn to Cum When *You* Want To - how to stop cum


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Now imagine you're trying to stop yourself from peeing. have to spend 8 of those minutes just staring at it, you can't let yourself cum in less than 10 minutes.

More suffer from rapid ejaculation, in which they cum faster than it takes them or . They're the same ones you use to stop the stream of urine.

Try building control by masturbating right up until you feel yourself about to release, then stop masturbating, let your erection die down a little bit.

Straight up tell her that she's so sexy that you're going to cum if you don't stop for a few seconds to calm down. She won't mind pausing for a.

Maybe you can already last for quite a while but would like to be able to keep going for hours. Sex was always fraught with the fear, 'what if I cum too soon?.