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Technical updates to basic proteins focalization using IPG strips ipg strip rehydration

In this blog I am going to elaborate on the IPG strip Rehydration. IPG strip rehydration. Immobilized pH gradient (IPG) strips are dehydrated and.

immobilized pH gradient IPG gel strip eliminates these problems. IPG strips and the sample is taken up into the IPG strip passively during rehydration ( passive.

There will not be any problem if you increase the rehydration time. Improper rehydration will be a problem but, higher time will not. Generally 10-14 hr is.

We offer products to help you be successful including sample rehydration buffer reagents, ampholyte carriers, IPG strips, running buffers and focusing buffers.

IPG gel strips rehydration. Hydration was performed overnight in the Pharmacia reswelling cassette with 25 ml of a solution containing urea (8 M), CHAPS (2%.