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According to Alison Brie, she had to do more than just practice killer moves as a 1980s pro wrestler for the Netflix comedy “GLOW.” Nudity is a part of the show, and I had no hesitation. Brie, the daughter of reformed hippies, studied at California Institute of the Arts, which she.

Will Ferrell in Old School isn't the only college nudist. Library streaks during finals week and naked Ultimate Frisbee on campus happen IRL all.

The only officially sanctioned student nudist club I am aware of in the US is Naturally FSU at Florida State University. Otherwise, I am hard-pressed to think of a college campus that is clothing optional. The University of California at Santa Cruz is a clothing optional campus.

Jennison Nudist University, also known as JNU, is a nudist/naturist . I was a large part of opening several new universities in the state, most of.

Alison Brie used to hang out naked in trees, so what?.