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Billy Bob Thornton Recalls His 'Heavy' Sex Scene With Halle Berry In 'Monster's Ball' | HuffPost sex scene from the movie monster ball

Dec 11, 2001 Their scene was filmed on a closed set and the resulting footage was so hot “ That's what was displayed in the movie. I got to the love scene in the 'Monster's Ball' script, I would have stopped reading and said, 'Not for me.

Halle Berry and Billy Bob Thornton's sex scene in Monster's Ball is so raw and passionate. They almost can't wait while desperately tearing each other's.

Aug 12, 2014 “Monster's Ball” has become an enduring part of cinema history for two reasons — Halle Berry's unforgettable Oscar speech and the iconic sex.

Aug 15, 2014 Halle Berry's Sex Scene in 'Monster's Ball' 'Felt So Real' Says Billy Bob In the movie, Berry and her co-star shared a steamy sex scene that.

Jun 6, 2017 ROMANCE Movie Scene of the Day: MONSTERS BALL Love Scene (2001) . Monster's Ball (2001) is based on a screenplay by actors Milo Addica This entry was posted in Sex Movie Scene, Uncategorized and tagged.