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15. Kate Gosselin from DWTS' Most Naked and Most Covered-Up Stars | E! News kates gosselin naked

Who knew Kate, without Jon and the 8, had it in her?! While she wasn't the best of dancers, Gosselin was, at the very least, willing to play along with the.

As we all know, Kate was very recently (and very publicly) fired from her coupon blogging gig. Fear not though, she has a new offer on the table and it's a.

Kate Gosselin has had some tough blows this year and Hugh Hefner has was 19, she hired a photographer to take photos of her topless.

Kate Gosselin is willing to go bikini bare for the paparazzi but won't go all the way for Hugh Hefner. The octomom is said to have received a.

You remember reality gal KATE GOSSELIN, you know the chick with 8 kids? Not Octomam, the other one. Well, Kate got whacked from her job.