Michael Rapaport Says Tony Romo SUCKED, Wake Up People! - romo sucks


The Smittblog: This Is Why Tony Romo Sucks romo sucks

Tony Romo Sucks. 37K likes. Amateur Sports Team.

Why is everyone in love with Romo suddenly? I also think Nantz has a "man crush" on Romo which is a whole other topic. . cowboys suck.

Tony Romo was GARBAGE so says Michael Rapaport who says he can't understand why the Dallas Cowboys QB is being celebrated like a.

Moments after Jones was drafted, fans found this tweet from Oct. 2, 2012, one day after the Cowboys lost, 34-18, to the Chicago Bears in a game Tony Romo.

Take away the Tampa Bay blow out, Tony Romo is one of the worst QBs in the league. Since I'm all about comparisons today, let's compare the.