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The Gift, a startrek: deep space nine fanfic | FanFiction worf erotic

Description: Worf and Dax, um, workout. Please note explicit sex and bad language. Title: Diversions Author: RJ Rating: NC-17 (slash) Description: Set during.

in The Next Generation have moved beyond the erotic/exotic in several ways. engineer Geordi LaForge, and Michael Dorn as Klingon security officer Worf).

Kurn's Unexpected Love A DS9 Erotica Fanfic By GoddessTee (the following story takes place aboard DS9 shortly after Kurn arrives to ask Worf for Mauk-to' Vor).

Here, Jadzia and Worf, having tutored Quark in the ways of Klingon mating rituals , get hot and heavy on the holodeck. Jadzia hints that she's.

EROTICA: Walker of the Night: Prologue (A story of Vampiric society) by Joshua G. Johnston. wallyswo.txt . EROTICA: Worf Meets His Match. work.txt, 4837.