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This patch appears to provide network underwear for Bastilla. *** Here my little reskin for you nothing special, but maybe some nice addition for.

KOTOR Naked Ladies This mod provides nude and nearly nude underwear textures for some female . Mira-inspired Mission Vao Default Clothing Reskin.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic - Nude Companions Mod. Allows all the female companions in Knights of the Old Republic to fight in the nude. We all.

YES U CAN here is a mod so that when you bastila's clothes of shes naked there version search it up on google: Darth Vader Skin or Darth Vader Mod Kotor 2.

KOTOR: Bastila Shan Nude Model. 82 9 30K (4 Today). By g1pno | WOW! I really hope you do more nude Jedi mods! Reply. Aug 16, 2016.