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Sadhguru speaks about the various ways in which shaving the head or leaving the hair untouched comes into play on the spiritual path. Questioner: Within the ashram and also outside in many places, there are monks who shave their heads and there are those who will not cut a single.

The clean shaven look is more like a style statement and thus the perfect Yoga Art #Yogalove Hata Yoga, Yoga Meditation, Yoga Flow, Inspiration Fitness.

Richard pleaded that for him shaving the head meant surrendering Radhanath Swami is always clean shaven and looks effulgent and holy.

It was a scary halloween morning for followers of Baba Ramdev as he turned up clean shaven for the morning yoga session at his ashram in Haridwar.

Sadhguru answers a question on why Gurus have beards. He turns the question around and asks why people are shaving in the first place.