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For most of the people watching someone getting naked is fun. What are the punishments that are given only to boys and not to girls in India?.

Only few boys like to show off naked in front of girl teachers because they are not shy or have large peenis. But teacher usually punish boys if.

It's a common punishment in Indian families but it's meted out to boys only. I've also heard that thieves are made naked in public when they're.

He Was Stripped Naked In His Class As A Punishment When He Was naked and beat you)- something which I earlier believed was just a senseless threat. humiliation and verbal abuse that is used to teach kids a lesson.

This is a story of retribution, where the Past returns to punish the misdeeds which went You do not have to drop everything at Mumbai to come home just to talk to me. . He is also a very brilliant student and a very polite and friendly boy. . Anshul advanced towards the trembling half-naked figure.